Advanced Sound Design

PP401 - Spring 2012


Instructor: Dave Tosti-Lane ( 206-726-5044

Office: MCC 407 (Performance Production Office)

Office Hours: Scattered - try to email for an appointment if possible, but often in office

Class meeting times - Thursdays, 2:30-3:50.

Syllabus to come after we figure it out!

New book recommendation - this is not required, but is excellent, and there is a Kindle edition if you want to go that way (Kindle reader available for Mac, iPad/iPhone, Android, PC.) The Kindle edition is only $22, and gives you instant download which is kind of cool. If you get the Kindle reader, you can download samples of books too before you decide to buy.

Shannon Slaton’s Mixing a Musical: Broadway Theatrical Sound Techniques.

It’s really very good. Available on Amazon.

This Week: 01/26/2012 We meet from 1:00pm-3:50 in the Raisbeck Studio Room